• Data Science
    We work on applications and techniques related to
    big data. We employ machine learning, data mining,
    and visualization techniques. We are able to derive new
    insights and create value from all sorts of data.
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  • CentERdata, scientific research institute
    Our expertise:
    innovative (online) survey research
    and software development, and
    applied socio-economic policy research.
      Our areas of expertise  
  • Consumer research
    How do people make decisions?
    Our consumer research focuses on
    five main research areas:

    1. Finance and payment behavior
    2. Sustainable behavior and health
    3. Internet and media use
    4. Marketing and consumption
    5. Vulnerability of consumers                        

Question - Data - Knowledge

CentERdata can support you in every phase of a research project: from developing the methodology to building the software, from data collection to data analysis and reporting and the dissemination of results. We are researchers that are passionate about helping you answer your questions accurately and effectively. We carry out your research quickly and efficiently, and as we use the latest scientific methods and techniques, you are assured of reliable results.