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Who we are

Centerdata is an independent non-profit research institute, located on the campus of Tilburg University (TiU). Answering research questions in the area of people and society has been our mission since 1996.

We collect, analyze and disseminate reliable data for the academic community, government and private sector to support and contribute to scientific, social and policy-relevant research. We also develop models and draw up forecasts for a better future.

Centerdata values equality. One of the ways in which we strive for equality within our organisation is by pursuing an active gender equality policy.


Research from A to Z

You can rely on us for up-to-date opinion polls as well as more complex policy issues, and for quantitative and qualitative research projects.

Centerdata has extensive experience in the development of software tools to support (panel) research. These tools are used for a range of applications such as the coordination of the translation process for multilingual questionnaires for large-scale (international) research projects, the management of online panels, and the dissemination of data and metadata. We will be happy to advise you.

Our vision


Share knowledge

Centerdata is an inspiring, flexible and service-oriented organization that works transparently, shares knowledge, and seeks to collaborate with other third parties.


Satisfy our clients’ needs

Our goal is to provide high quality, practical solutions and to satisfy our clients’ needs.


Your partner of choice

We aim to be your partner of choice in the national and international field of science and government for innovative data collection, information systems for research data and applied socio-economic policy research.


Scientific and innovative

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do: scientific, innovative, and socially relevant.


How do we work?

Our project teams comprise specialists from various professional  backgrounds. Our econometrists, data scientists, survey and market researchers, panel experts and ICT specialists all pool their knowledge and skills to carry out your research projects in the best possible way. This collaboration enables us to answer your questions using innovative methods to arrive at uniquely customized solutions.

We work closely with scientific researchers to achieve added value in the areas of theory development, research methods and the interpretation of research findings. Centerdata not only conducts research commissioned by third parties but we also have our own research program, the results of which are published in scientific journals. In this way our expertise remains up to date.

We are curious, dedicated and skilled and we can respond quickly and flexibly to your needs. We can help you to think through your research questions and to decide on the best solution.

Nice to meet you!

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Joris Mulder MSc
Joris Mulder MSc
LISS coordinator/ Senior survey researcher
dr. Karolien van den Akker
dr. Karolien van den Akker
Senior researcher
Sebastiaan Pennings Msc
Sebastiaan Pennings Msc
Scientific programmer
dr. Seyit Höcük
dr. Seyit Höcük
Senior data scientist

Our history

The Centerdata foundation was established on 20 December 1996, following the acquisition of the Telepanel (until that time managed by the University of Amsterdam). The panel’s name was subsequently changed to CentERpanel.

In 2000, CentERpanel switched to online surveys. Furthermore, the available ICT expertise was no longer used only for internal software development but also increasingly to develop survey tools for external clients, including international consortiums.

In 2005 Centerdata expanded its expertise in the field of applied socio-economic policy research with a Quantitative Analysis department. This department was formerly part of CentERApplied Research, an institute for contract research of Tilburg University, and originally focused on the following research areas:  labor market, education and pensions. Policy research into consumer issues and data science was added at a later date. Through new techniques and methods, we generate new insights from large amounts of complex data and convert these insights into (societal) value.

In 2006 Centerdata received a subsidy for a major project, An advanced multi-disciplinary facility for Measurement and Experimentation in the Social Sciences (MESS). The core element of this project is the LISS (Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences) panel, an online panel consisting of 5000 households.

Together with a large number of other parties, in 2016 Centerdata made a significant contribution to the establishment of  ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations), the national research infrastructure for the social sciences in the Netherlands. Through ODISSEI, researchers have access to large-scale, longitudinal data collections as well as innovative and diverse forms of data.

Over the past 25 years, Centerdata has developed into a leading player in survey, policy and consumer research and is an expert in the area of data science and customized software development for complex national and international projects in which innovation plays a key role.

Find out our work

We regularly post news items about our work (in Dutch), such as completed research projects. We have also listed our publications (in Dutch).


Working for us

Centerdata is an independent non-profit research institute, located on the campus of Tilburg University (TiU). Our clients include scientific organizations, government and non-profit organizations.

Centerdata focuses on the following core activities:

  • Online survey research
  • Policy analysis and model development
  • Customized software development
  • Data science
  • Research into consumer behavior

Centerdata’s employees work on (international) projects, in multidisciplinary project teams, and enjoy an informal and pleasant working environment. Centerdata has an active gender equality policy.