Patricia Prüfer

Patricia Prüfer is Head of the Data Science Unit at CentERdata since January 2018. Together with this team, Patricia develops and applies data science techniques and methods to gain new insights and extract societal value from large amounts of (complex) data.

In her research, Patricia combines a profound knowledge of economics (of education), the labor market, behavioral economics, and data science with sensible experimental research designs and advanced techniques for data analyses. One of the major topics in Patricia’s research is how individuals and institutions react to (changes in) policies, and how behavior can be influenced optimally.

Patricia received her PhD in Economics from Tilburg University in 2008 with a thesis on “Model Uncertainty in Growth Empirics”. From 2008-2015 she worked as researcher at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB). During this period, Patricia had also been affiliated researcher at Tilburg University.

Patricia has ample experience in policy experiments, project management, the writing of scientific papers as well as reports for a broader public, and in presenting her research results to diverse audiences. Patricia has also been invited by several ministries and universities to give workshops and lectures on (quasi-) experimental policy analysis and was member of NRO juries on the funding of national education research proposals. Patricia, thus, work as a linchpin between the worlds of research and policy.


 Applied Econometric Research
 (Behavioral) Experiments
 Data science
 Economics of Education
 (Educational) Labor Market
 Project management
 Policy Research