Marcel Das

Marcel Das has been the director of CentERdata since September 2000.

He graduated (cum laude) in General Econometrics / Statistics at Tilburg University and later received his PhD from the same university.

He worked as a researcher following his PhD and later as a senior research at CentER Applied Research – an institute for applied economic research affiliated with Tilburg University.

Marcel has led a large number of national and international research projects and published scientific articles in international journals in the field of statistical and empirical analyses of survey data and methodological issues in web-based (panel) surveys. He has been professor of Econometrics and Data Collection at the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management since 2009.

Marcel is a member of the Management Board of ODISSEI and a member of several scientific advisory boards of (inter)national large-scale data infrastructures.


 Survey Methodology
 (Innovative) Methodology for Online Surveys
 Survey software
 Coupling with Administrative Data
 Project management