Boukje Cuelenaere

Boukje Cuelenaere, sociologist, has been the head of Survey research at CentERdata since 1 June 2014. Previously she was director of AStri Policy research and consultancy group and division manager at ECORYS. Boukje has 25 years of experience in research in the field of labor and social security. All actors are included as the subject of her research: employees and households, employers, recipients of welfare and the professionals involved such as UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and municipalities. She has extensive experience with research that combines quantitative and qualitative methods. For the Ministry of Social Affairs, she is currently leading a study into the experiences of municipalities regarding the Participation Act (which requires that everyone who can work, despite a handicap, should receive assistance to find suitable work). This multiannual survey among municipalities is combined with case studies. Boukje is advisor for financial questionnaires, particularly regarding income components, pensions and current policy developments in these areas. In addition to her immediate areas of research, Boukje is an experienced project manager. She can present the results of her research to a general audience, varying from professionals who are directly involved to political representatives and policy makers. Where necessary she can convert the results of her research into a practical training.


 Survey Research
 Labor Market
 Social Security
 Policy Research
 Panel Research
 Qualitative Research Methods