Joris Mulder

Joris is researcher at CentERdata and has worked at the department of Survey Research since 2012. Since 2017 he is also part of the group Data Science. First studying computer science and engineering, he graduated in Social and Economic Psychology in 2010 (MSc.) He works as project leader for various clients and supervises both quantitative and qualitative research projects in the CentERpanel and LISS panel.

As a social and economic psychologist, Joris is expert on human behavior in socio-economic decision-making processes. He also has specific knowledge and expertise with conducting and managing large logistical research projects involving multiple research methods such as online survey research, (mixed-mode) experiments, face-to-face interviews and (online) focus groups. Through his knowledge of technology and research methods, Joris is furthermore familiar with specific projects such as the internet weighing scale project and the accelerometer project.

Joris contributes to projects in the fields of health, culture, personality, social conduct, criminality, work and social security.


 Survey Research
 Data science
 economic psychology
 Social Psychology
 Innovative research methods

Projects by Joris Mulder