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CentERdata is een zelfstandig instituut dat gelieerd is aan Tilburg University. De belangrijkste activiteiten zijn het verzamelen van data via internet met behulp van panels en het uitvoeren van toegepast economisch en methodologisch onderzoek. CentERdata participeert in internationale onderzoeksprojecten. De opdrachtgevers zijn met name wetenschappelijke organisaties, de overheid en non-profit instellingen.

Huidige vacatures

You will be responsible for modeling complex problems and deriving insights from data through the use of machine learning and deep learning, data and text mining, and visualization techniques. You will collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and internal and external stakeholders to arrive at solutions within a specified time frame. You should be able to apply a variety of tools, integrate varying data sources, and use diverse analytical techniques for a wide range of research-oriented and societal problems. You will have to communicate effectively with various partners and customers, resolve issues independently, present insights in an adequate manner, and deliver clear, compelling solutions and reports for mixed audiences. You will also act as a linchpin between IT developers and domain experts, translating information needs into new software.