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Article in Journal
Prüfer, J., & Prüfer, P. (2020). Data Science for Entrepreneurship Research: Studying Demand Dynamics for Entrepreneurial Skills in the Netherlands, Small Business Economics, 55, 651-672: Springer, DOI: 10.1007/s11187-019-00208-y. (894.96 KB)
Prüfer, P., & Kolthoff, E. (2020). Met datascience op zoek naar indicatoren van georganiseerde criminaliteit en ondermijning, Proces, 99, 85-101: Proces, DOI: 10.5553/PROCES/016500762020099002002. (692.06 KB)
Gerritsen, S., & Prüfer, P. (2015). Veldexperimenten voor beleid, TPEdigitaal, 9, 21-31. (395.94 KB)
Magnus, J.R., Powell, O., & Prüfer, P. (2010). A comparison of two model averaging techniques with an application to growth empirics, Journal of Econometrics, 154, 139-153, DOI: doi:10.1016/j.jeconom.2009.07.004. (2.76 MB)
Discussion Paper
Prüfer, J., & Prüfer, P. (2018). Data science for institutional and organizational economics (TILEC DP No. 2018-011): Tilburg University. (428.72 KB)
Prüfer, P., & Tondl, G. (2008). The FDI-growth nexus in Latin America: the role of source countries and local conditions (CentER DP No. 2008-61). (756.98 KB)
Klump, R., & Prüfer, P. (2006). A robust ranking of pro-poor growth policies: the case of Vietnam (CentER DP No. 2006-117). (343.68 KB)
Book Chapter
Prüfer, J., & Prüfer, P. (2018). Data science for institutional and organizational economics, A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics (pp. 248-259): Edward Elgar Publishers, ISBN: 978 1 78811 250 5.