Marije Oudejans
Article in Journal
van der Velden, P.G., Oudejans, M., Das, M., Bosmans, M., & Maercker, A. (2019). The longitudinal effect of social recognition on PTSD symptomatology and vice versa: evidence from a population-based study, Psychiatry Research, 279, 287-294, DOI:
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Book Chapter
de Bruijne, M., & Oudejans, M. (2015). Online Surveys and the Burden of Mobile Responding, Survey Measurements: Techniques, Data Quality and Sources of Error (pp. 130-145): Campus verlag.
Oudejans, M. (2014). Possibilities and limitations of online panels. In Rupp, M., Kapella, O., & Schneider, N.F. (Eds.), Zukunft der Familie - Anforderungen an Familienpolitik und Familienwissenschaft. Berlin: Verlag Barbara Budrich.
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Scientific Report
Oudejans, M., & Vis, C. (2008). Slachtoffers van (poging tot) oplichting. Tilburg: CentERdata.