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van der Velden, P.G., Komproe, I., Contino, C., de Bruijne, M., Kleber, R.J., Das, M., & Schut, H. (2020). Which groups affected by potentially traumatic events (PTEs) are most at risk for a lack of social support? A prospective population-based study on the 12-month prevalence of PTEs and risk factors for a lack of post-event social support, PLOS ONE, DOI:
Mulder, J., & de Bruijne, M. (2019). Willingness of Online Respondents to Participate in Alternative Modes of Data Collection, Survey Practice, 12(1), 06/2019: American Association for Public Opinion Research, DOI: 10.29115/SP-2019-0001.
de Bruijne, M., & Wijnant, A. (2014). Improving response rates and questionnaire design for mobile web surveys, Public Opinion Quarterly, 78(4), 951-962.
de Bruijne, M., & Wijnant, A. (2014). Mobile response in web panels, Social Science Computer Review, 32(6), 728-742.
de Bruijne, M., & Wijnant, A. (2013). Can mobile web surveys be taken on computers? A discussion on a multi-device survey design, Survey Practice, 6(4).
de Bruijne, M., & Wijnant, A. (2013). Comparing survey results obtained via mobile devices and computers: An experiment with a mobile web survey on a heterogeneous group of mobile devices versus a computer-assisted web survey, Social Science Computer Review, 31(4), 483 - 505.
de Bruijne, M., & Amin, A. (2010). Questasy: Online Survey Data Dissemination Using DDI 3, IASSIST Quarterly, 33(1-2), 11-2010, 10, DOI: 10.29173/iq645. (387.1 KB)
de Bruijne, M. (2015). Designing web surveys for the multi-device internet (pp. 184). Tilburg: CentER Applied Research, Tilburg University, ISBN: 978 90 5668 457 0.
Book Chapter
Das, M., de Bruijne, M., Janssen, J., & Kalwij, A. (2017). Experiment: Internet interviewing in the sixth wave of SHARE in the Netherlands. In Malter, F., & Börsch-Supan, A. (Eds.), SHARE Wave 6: Panel innovations and collecting Dried Blood Spots (pp. 151-162). Munich: Mea, Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, ISBN: ISBN 978-3-00-058556-2. (5.49 MB)
de Bruijne, M. (2016). Online vragenlijsten en mobiele devices, Ontwikkelingen in het marktonderzoek Jaarboek 2016 (pp. 137-152). Haarlem: Spaar en Hout, ISBN: 97890 8683-0541.
de Bruijne, M., & Oudejans, M. (2015). Online Surveys and the Burden of Mobile Responding, Survey Measurements: Techniques, Data Quality and Sources of Error (pp. 130-145): Campus verlag.