ZonMW Digital Diamonds
Checklists to help researchers write a data management plan for a ZonMw project

Effective and successful health policy and scientific research are heavily dependent on the availability of data. For these reasons, there is more and more social and political pressure that research data that were financed with public funds be released for research by third parties.

Checklists for proper data management

Checklists and supporting information were developed within the Digital Diamonds project to help researchers write a data management plan for a ZonMw project. Important topics in the checklist are: privacy, conditions for use, retrievable data and metadata, data quality, sustainable storage and reusability. ZonMw is a semi-governmental organization that promotes health research and health care innovation.

The next step: testing in practice

The checklists were tested by a group of researchers in the development phase. ZonMw conducted a pilot in 2014 with the checklists that had been developed in the ZonMw procedures. Their use was evaluated during this pilot.

Relevant issues in data management are: authorities, recognition for the researcher, structural costs and retention periods. The advisory report contains important information for researchers, research institutes and financiers on retrievable, accessible and reusable data.