Time Use Study - RuG
Measuring daily time use with a smart phone

We conducted a research project entitled “How time is spent and its impact on parents, brothers and sisters” in collaboration with the research center Profound and Multiple Disabilities, part of the orthopedagogy research group at the University of Groningen (Prof. Carla Vlaskamp, Dr. Annette van der Putten and Jorien Luijkx, MSc).

Research framework

Within a population of families with children that have serious mental and multiple disabilities, it was measured what everyone in the family spent their time on over the course of a week. Parents, brothers and sisters reported daily what they were doing every 10 minutes and whom they were with at that moment. The study was conducted with a smartphone application that was developed by CentERdata. The app for iPhones and Android devices ensured that the participants remained actively involved in filling in their activities digitally by using reminders and alarms.

This study supplied approximately 50 smartphones on loan to ensure family members who did not have their own smartphone could still participate.

More information about the project is available on the orthopedagogy research group’s website of the University of Groningen.

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