Tilburg Consumer Outlook monitor (TILCOM)
Monitoring consumer emotions and their influence on consumer behaviour

TILCOM was established to measure consumer emotion directly and specifically and to follow its effect on consumer behavior over time. Consumers are asked to what degree they experience fifteen emotions (among them, fear, optimism, anger and pride) if they imagine what their household’s financial situation will look like over the coming twelve months. This was the basis for compiling the so-called Ecomotion-index (see Figure). Questions are also asked about intended purchases, consumer behavior, financial behavior and current topics. The study has a complementary value for research that measures emotions indirectly, such as research into consumer expectations and consumer confidence. By measuring emotions directly, the specific role of emotions can be examined during purchasing and decision-making behavior.

Background TILCOM

The Tilburg Consumer Outlook Monitor (TILCOM) was conducted four times a year during the period of 2009-2014 under 2,500 Dutch citizens in the LISS panel. The panel character makes it possible to conduct causal analyses. TILCOM is an initiative of research institute TIBER and is financed by the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) of Tilburg University. CentERdata collects the data and is actively involved in developing the questionnaire, the analyses, reports and contacts with the media. The project was initiated by Prof. Rik Pieters of TiSEM.

Figure: Ecomotion-index​

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