The Motivation Mirror
an app for the improvement of education.

When secondary school students are motivated to learn, they achieve better results. The students enjoy school more, as well as the teachers their work. Much research has been done on improving student motivation. What is still missing is a tool with which teachers can measure their students’ motivation for the subject they teach.

When the concept of motivation is measured using factors that teachers can influence directly, the measurement of student motivation can be combined with the provision of detailed and tailor-made feedback for teachers.

The Motivation Mirror app measures nine education indicators related to students’ feelings of autonomy, competence and relatedness, as described in Deci and Ryan’s Self-determination Theory (2000).

Collecting data using an app fits within recent trends and developments of today’s secondary education. The app has an intuitive and gamelike interface to enhance accessibility and ease of use. Everyone has the opportunity to provide and share information at a moment that suits them best.

Students can regularly indicate their experience with and motivation for different subjects and teachers using the slider of the app. By asking students for their opinions about specific subjects as well as asking questions in which different subjects are compared, the app can differentiate between intuitive opinions and well-considered judgments.

The app presents the questions in randomized order. In this way, the teachers can quickly receive information from different students, and it’s practically ruled out that students can coordinate their answers, as the next question is always unpredictable. These features of the app also make sure that filling in the questions stays fun.

Teachers and schools can receive an overview of the given feedback whenever they like. Teachers can decide with whom to share the feedback. Students can also view a visualization of their own motivation.

The Motivation Mirror is being developed by CentERdata in cooperation with Ton van der Valk, designer and initiator of the app. For a not binding demo account for the app and/or a free trial lesson, contact CentERdata.

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