Smart Start
A programme to signal problems in areas sooner and to prevent these by combining data and knowledge

From a vision that parents and children deserve the best chances for a bright future, “Smart Start” begun in 2018. It is a cooperation between Sterk Huis, the Hart van Brabant region, Data Science Center Tilburg and CentERdata.

With Smart Start, over a period of three years, we will develop an approach to signal (risks of) complex problems with children and families earlier, using data and knowledge. This is done by combining experience and knowledge of professionals and residents, by available data of the area, and by scientific research. In this programme CentERdata is responsible for the data collection and the analyses. Based on the predicting data this will generate, suitable support will be developed for schools, at general practitioners and in vulnerable areas.

Within Smart Start a total of five pilots will be carried out, in large and small municipalities in the Hart van Brabant region:

  • In 2018 we started the first pilot at an elementary school in the Tilburg municipality. Data are collected from different sources, and in several ‘design thinking’ sessions it was discussed what is going on in the elementary school, and how children, parents and professionals can be supported in the best possible way.

  • The second pilot will be carried out in the municipality of Heusden and concerns outplacements.

  • In a third pilot we will focus on parents who go to the food bank and on how to maximise the development of the children of these families (in the municipality Gilze and Rijen).

  • The fourth pilot will be in the municipality of Goirle.

  • The fifth pilot will be in the municipality of Dongen.

View an infographic of Smart Start here.

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