Sligro Data Science Lab
A journey towards a more data driven Sligro Food Group

End of June 2018, a collaboration agreement between Sligro Food Group (SFG) and CentERdata was signed. This marked the start of the Sligro Data Science Lab (SDSL): a joint, multi-year project aiming at making the Sligro Food Group a more data driven organization.

In the SDSL, (PhD) Students and researchers will collaborate with employees of SFG on data-related problems and data science projects that are relevant for SFG. These will be translated into graduation projects for students of the data science programs of CentERdata’s partners Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in Den Bosch and the Data Science Center of Tilburg University (DSC/t).

CentERdata is responsible for the content and organizational coordination of the SDSL, i.e.  formulating graduation projects, recruiting students, keeping an overview of all graduation projects, and ensuring cohesion between them. Furthermore, we are responsible for the knowledge transfer to SFG and a successful implementation within the organization. Wherever possible, the results of the graduation projects will be translated into valuable insights for the company, amongst others with respect to optimizing both internal and external operating  processes (of, for example, client contact).

At the beginning of the SDSL a data maturity scan will be conducted to analyze the current situation and to highlight the important issues that SFG faces. Furthermore, we will work towards creating support and commitment for data-driven and fact-based processes within SFG.

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