E-learning environment for the education program for work safety

More and more companies demand that employees have a Safety, Health and the Environment Checklist Contractors (SCC) certificate. The SCC certificate is a checklist that a certified employee can show to prove he/she is aware of dangers at the workplace. It is difficult for certain groups of young people, particularly those with a learning disability or who have difficulty concentrating, to pass these types of exams. SIWOV® is a lesson package developed by the foundation Sterk in Werk (‘Strong in Work’) and is specifically intended for a target group with learning and concentration disabilities. The course book contains a clear division of chapters, with explanations of difficult words, clear illustrations, etc. We also produced an online version of this book.

Website users can also read the entire course book online. Difficult words are explained with a hover-over and users can also have the book read aloud to them by using ReadSpeaker ( technology.

In addition, the book is enhanced with extra visual information, short films and pictures, which describe the lesson material or the situation under discussion.

About Sterk in Werk

Sterk in Werk is a foundation that helps adolescents and young adults to find suitable employment. For more information about the foundation:


  • E-learning environment with films and read-aloud audio option.
  • Aimed at young people with learning disabilities.
  • Built in Drupal.