Online occupation interest test for challenged people

The Strong in Work Interest Test (SIWIT) is an online career choice test for people with a light mental handicap. The test was developed by CentERdata in cooperation with the foundation Sterk in Werk (‘Strong in Work’) and the Department of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University. Participants of the test are shown a large number of pictures of professions and are ask to indicate whether they like the profession or not. The pictures are supported by audio fragments. The online site also has an administrative module for job coaches and pedagogical institutions. After completing the test, an extensive report containing the test results is automatically generated for each participant. This report also provides suggestions for the participant which professions suit him or her best.


  • Online career test for people with a light mental handicap
  • Administrative module for job coaches and pedagogical institutions
  • Automatically generates a report (PDF format) with the results

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