Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) is a multidisciplinary, transnational panel database of microdata on health, socio-economic status and social and familial networks of more than 85,000 people (approximately 150,000 interviews) who are 50 years-old or older in 20 European countries (+ Israel).

Workflow SHARE

CentERdata has been involved in this study since its inception and over the years we have designed a uniquely efficient centralized workflow for the support of large, multilingual longitudinal surveys.

CentERdata programs the SHARE questionnaires in Blaise. The questionnaire routing is very complex. Among other features, it contains a technique that makes it easier to skip unnecessary questions, it can verify previously loaded information and match it with new information, and it contains various innovative tools for automatically coding open answers. These questionnaires are then imported into a Translation Management Tool. A customized web interface for managing the translations of questionnaires presents this tool. When translators submit their translations, they receive a CAPI instrument in the language/languages of the country.

Management of SHARE research information

The sample is managed by an agency, which is an organization that conducts the survey fieldwork and directs the interviewers. A Sample Distributor (SD) is installed on the agency’s server. In addition to management, partial samples are also assigned to specific interviewers. For longitudinal interviews, a set with preload data is provided as well as the usual sample information. This information is loaded into the Sample Management System (SMS). This program registers contacts, launches the CAPI interviews and gathers information about the households.

The interviewers can synchronize their SMS with the SD on the agency server over the internet or by exporting a coded file via another medium. This provides the agency with the most recent statistics from the fieldwork immediately so that they are able to direct their interviewers better.

The agencies synchronize their SD with a central server. Here, address information is removed from the data so that anonymity is ensured. Synchronizing this while the fieldwork is taking place provides insight at the highest levels so that the fieldwork can be managed directly. After the fieldwork is completed, the data are cleansed and disseminated in the Share Questasy system.


  • Complete solution in the Survey Lifecycle
  • Centralized approach for complex, multilingual longitudinal studies
  • Advanced questionnaires 

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