Dissemination and archiving of data, metadata and data files

Questasy is an online tool, originally developed to disseminate and archive data and metadata from the LISS panel. Since then, various other parties have used this web application (SCP Cultural Changes, Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies, The Netherlands Mobility Panel, ReDefTie project).

The database structure:

  • is based on the DDI 3 (Data Documentation Initiative) metadata standard;
  • is built on a PHP framework;
  • uses a MySQL database.

The look and feel of the system are easy to adapt. The Questasy source code is also available for scientific and non-profit organizations.


  • Dissemination of data, metadata and data files
  • Documentation of studies, questions, variables and publications
  • Indexed search engine
  • Supports longitudinal studies
  • Imports and exports SPSS
  • Produces custom data sets by using a ‘variable shopping cart’
  • Produces PDF code books
  • Supports multilingual use

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