Participation Act
Monitor study for municipalities’ experiences with the Participation Act.

CentERdata is carrying out a monitoring study commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to assess municipalities’ experiences with the Participation Act. This study comprises three measurements, conducted in 2015, 2017 and 2019. The central question of the survey is how municipalities are experiencing the process of assisting people who are capable of working, with some degree of occupational impairment or not, in finding work under the Participation Act. Municipalities have been made increasingly responsible for tasks that used to be performed by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). For that reason, the 2015 survey was complemented with an investigation into the UWV’s experiences, with a focus on transfer and cooperation.

This study uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The qualitative aspect consists of interviews held in 29 municipalities as well as desk research. The more quantitative study consists of an online survey among a representative sample of 123 municipalities. The complementary investigation into the UWV’s experiences involves interviews with the regional managers of 16 of the 35 labor market regions in the Netherlands.

The report on the first measurement was presented to parliament in November 2015