NVB Fraud in Online Banking and Consumer Behavior
How vulnerable are consumers against fraude in online banking

CentERdata studied consumer resilience to fraud in online banking for the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) in 2013. This study consisted of a survey and two experiments that were conducted among 1308 consumers between 16 and 90 years old. In order to gain insight into the resilience of groups of consumers to fraudulent attacks, both experiments used role play during which respondents were asked to judge the trustworthiness of various real and false attempts for contact via email and telephone. The first experiment examined the influence of circumstances, such as cognitive capacity (the ability to think) and stress. In order to determine which message was the most effective in improving consumers’ resilience, during the second experiment the respondents were shown an advertisement about safe online banking (in a magazine with other advertisements and articles) before the role play. Different groups were shown different advertisements. The advertisements were developed specifically for this study in cooperation with an ad agency.

Report: Fraud in online banking and consumer behavior: from vulnerable misses to top-class resilience. Not available to the public.

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