LISS Core Study
Yearly repeated measurements of the same set of variables by the same individuals and households

The LISS Core Study is a longitudinal study that is conducted each year in the LISS panel. Each year, the same individuals and households are presented with the same set of questions. The LISS Core Study provide insight into the effects of changes on people’s lives, their reaction to events and the effects of social change and policy.

Topics of LISS Core Study questionnaires

The study covers eight questionnaires, each with its own theme:

  1. Health
  2. Ethics and values / Politics
  3. Religion and ethnicity
  4. Social integration and Leisure time / Recreation
  5. Family and household
  6. Education and employment
  7. Personal characteristics
  8. Economic conditions and housing

Data from the LISS Core Study can be downloaded via the LISS Panel Data archive.


  • Combine your data with longitudinal topic-research in the LISS panel
  • Questasy guarantees the dissemination of data in the LISS Panel Data archive

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