Labor market research Top sectors 2017
Consequences of digitalization and automatization for the labor market

CentERdata conducts research on the consequences of the ongoing digitalization and automatization for the Dutch labor market together with CA-ICTNederland ICT and CIO Platform Nederland and the top sectors Energy, Chemical Industry, Life Sciences & Health, Creative Industry, and High Tech Industry.  (Digital) Developments, such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, cyber security, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, lead to fundamental changes on the labor market.  Boundaries fade between ICT jobs and other jobs in which IT-related and digital competencies and skills are required. Also the requirements demanded for IT-jobs as well as other jobs changed drastically over the past few years.

The aim of this research is to shed light on the developments with regard to necessary skills in different areas and functions.  Furthermore, we analyze which services, tasks and functions within an organization are affected by the increasing digitalization.  Based on these insights, we can comment on the shortages of persons with adequate digital skills and on future career opportunities on the Dutch labor market. Also, we want to address the question whether the current Dutch education system fits well with the future needs of trade and industry. Apart from a report for the entire labor market we make deep dives to the participating top sectors.

Various research approaches are combined. We will make use of interviews with professionals, conduct a survey among employers, and use insights from the literature. Besides these, we use ‘big data’, e.g. from online job portals, social media databases and knowledge portals, and enrich these data with official labor market estimates. Different data science techniques such as text analytics, Machine Learning, and topic modelling are used to analyze these very diverse data sources to sketch an overall view of the problems and possible directions for solutions.

A detailed project description and time path can be found on the website of CA-ICT (in Dutch).


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