Integral Personnel Census Education
Information about (un)certified teachers and lessons taught in secondary education

CentERdata periodically gathers information about lessons taught in secondary education for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, through the ‘integral personnel census education’ (IPTO). At almost every secondary school, information is gathered at the individual level about the subjects taught, the number of lesson units per subject, the degree level at which the teachers are employed and the level of certification of the teachers involved. Through a link with administrative records and information provided by the schools themselves, it can be determined whether these lessons were taught by a certified teacher, a qualified teacher, or an uncertified teacher. The results give the ministry and other parties insight into the labor force in education according to subject and degree level and provide input for policy regarding the deployment of teachers according to their subjects.

IPTO moreover makes it possible (via Mirror) to produce estimates of future developments in subjects and degree level. Monitoring and prognoses also offer input for policy development and the monitoring of the effects of policy.

In order to facilitate the collection of data, we developed a management system for the registration of contacts with schools which enables schools to provide their information online.

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