Online surveys among specific target groups

In addition to research conducted in its own panels, CentERdata also applies its Internet-based survey expertise and infrastructure to conduct research among target groups supplied by clients, e.g. students or municipalities. Advanced, customized online questionnaires can be distributed via the Hosting Management System (HMS) that CentERdata has developed for this purpose.

This system creates individualized login codes with which respondents can be identified. The advantages are that a questionnaire cannot be completed more than once by each individual, and that it allows respondents to quit the questionnaire at any point and resume where they left off at a later time. Respondents can be invited to complete questionnaires through emails containing individualized links or through letters containing individualized login codes. Response is monitored, reminders can be sent (for certain groups), and limits can be set on the number of questionnaires completed.

Acquired data are provided in the form of a fully labeled SPSS data file (or any other desired format), a code book that describes the questionnaire and data in detail, and/or an analysis and report of the results.

Some examples of hosting services we have provided:

  • Questionnaire on waste separation (municipality of Tilburg)
  • Questionnaire concerning résumés among HR managers in Cologne (University of Cologne) 
  • Questionnaire concerning the electronic patient register among nurses and doctors (National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection)
  • Questionnaire among sample from Wajong pilot group (Young Disabled persons Act)
  • Tiu Student Monitor (Tilburg University)
  • VU Alumni Monitor (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

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