Evaluation “Who do you want to be?”
A musical pilot project for at-risk youth

In commission of the city of Tilburg CentERdata evaluated the effects of the pilot project “Who do you want to be?”. This pilot tried to prevent at-risk youth in a creative way from becoming criminal while increasing their resilience, by teaching them to play a musical instrument.

Jointly with a popular band from Tilburg’s music scene, the youth (12 – 18 years) was offered a one-year program. “Who do you want to be?” was realized together with other social work organizations and supported by the Ministry of Security and Justice. Starting date was April 2016.

The research questions were whether “Who do you want to be?” had positive effects on at-risk youth and whether “Who do you want to be?” was more effective than regular social programs and the costs of hassle and demolition that would have occurred otherwise, eventually?

To answer these questions CentERdata has collected data on the participating youth. Complementary, we conducted surveys and interviews with all youth to enrich the quantitative analyses.


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