ESS Sweden Panelmanagement
Biennial academic cross-national survey that is conducted in various European countries

The European Social Survey (ESS) is biennial academic cross-national survey that is conducted in various European countries.

Sample Distributor and Sample Management System

CentERdata programmed software for Ipsos Sweden with which to collect completed interviews and to register attempts to contact respondents. This application also allows respondents to be assigned to interviewers in the field and allows fieldwork managers to monitor work. The software package consists of two parts: one on a central server where the administrative tasks can be performed (Sample Distributor SD) and one on an interviewer’s laptop (Sample Management System, SMS).

Customer reviews

“The SMS and SD is perfect for large scientific research. We work with the program in the SHARE study so we decided to cooperate with CentERdata when we won the contract for ESS and adapt it towards the ESS structure. We have in cooperation with Umeå University seen a large improvement in data quality of the contact data when using the SMS tool. And every day handling of the sample is made easy due to simple reporting and exporting of data.”

Hasse Tjernberg - Ipsos Observer Sweden AB


  • Sample management for CAPI interview projects.
  • Congruent with various other interview software packages (tested positively with Blaise and NIPO).
  • Also collects offline interviews when an internet connection is not available.

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