Education Labor Market Estimates
Yearly estimates for education

CentERdata makes annual labor market estimates for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) on elementary education (PO), secondary education (VO) and senior secondary vocational education (MBO). The labor market estimates provide greater insight into teacher supply and demand and administrative and support personnel in the various sectors of education over a period of 10 to 15 years. To achieve this, we developed a microsimulation model, Mirror (Microsimulation Calculation Model Regional Education Estimates). An important advantage of microsimulation is that statements can be made at every aggregate level. Not only on the geographic level, but also at the administrative level. This capability expands the model’s possibilities for application.

Possibilities of Mirror

In addition to insight into supply and demand, Mirror also provides insight into details about overhead at the individual level (including the employer’s overhead). Mirror also provides a module about the financing of schools, and it can zoom in to the level of subjects. This gives a detailed picture of future issues in human resources as well as finances.

Application of Mirror

Mirror is frequently used by and for OCW for policy preparation and policy evaluation. Mirror is also the calculation model behind, a website that allows schools and regional educational platforms to make labor market estimates themselves, and provides insight into expected expenditures and financing.