Digital Thresholds
Analysis of bottlenecks in legal digital distribution for creative industries

For the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, we examined the digital market for music, film, books and games, in collaboration with SEO Economic Research and IViR (Institute for Information Law). This resulted in the report entitled "Digital Thresholds".

Bottlenecks of the digital media market

The report “Digital Thresholds” describes the bottlenecks encountered in developing a mature market for the digital distribution and sales of music, films and series, games and books. We distinguish between economic, legal and technical issues. It takes two to tango: issues can exist with the vendor as well as with the consumer. Bottlenecks can also occur with regard to transactions, such as the costs or the security of payments.

Results of the study "Digital Thresholds"

In the music industry, proper market arrangements are now in place. Download and streaming services have a complete offering even though the business case for streaming services still has to be proven. The games market has few barriers to digital distribution. Digital and physical distribution complement each other. The market for ebooks mirrors the market for music: the supply of ebooks still lags behind other markets and the Dutch consumer seems more eager than vendors to establish a market.

Research methods "Digital Thresholds"

A combination of methods was applied for this study: a study of the scientific literature on the subject, interviews with actors and an online survey among 2000 Dutch consumers in the CentERpanel.

Report (Dutch):

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