Data Maturity and Data-driven Policies
The appropriate use of data can create a tremendous strategic advantage

Most (government) organizations make use of data, but are not able to fully take advantage of all valuable information. Data are often used to represent the outcomes of certain actions or interventions of the past, but not to make decisions and determine strategies that affect the future of an organization. The appropriate use of data can create a tremendous strategic advantage. Thus, it is certainly worth the effort for an organization to use data efficiently and creatively, which will lead to data-driven and fact-based policy making.

The data science team supports (government) organizations in these processes. In October 2016, for example, the “Data Lab for municipalities” pilot was started, a collaboration between VNG/KING and JADS. CentERdata’s data science team was involved as a partner contributing technical support and substantive content. In addition, CentERdata lead the research part of the study, a data science maturity scan of Dutch municipalities [in Dutch only].

Furthermore, we support other organizations in making better use of existing data and help them to investigate which tools for analyses and visualisation are most feasible given their available data and (policy) questions. Recently, for example, we supported the province of North Brabant and the research institute PON (Tilburg) in collecting and merging various sources of data for further applied analyses.

When necessary, we anonymize, align, transform, and secure data (with encryption techniques), before helping to visualize the data and decrypt them for analysis and interpretation. With our tools and infrastructure, we provide data access to domain experts and help multi-disciplinary teams to quickly obtain insights and carry out in-depth analyses.

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