Calculations on cost issues in education
Calculations on cost issues for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

We regularly perform calculations for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on cost issues. The government finance department determines the amounts (budgets) that are allocated to schools. These budgets are comprised of various cost centers and regulations such as costs of teachers, management, small school allowances, underprivileged allowances, building expenses, educational materials, et cetera. The cost centers and regulations change over time, for example because problematic issues evolve or through a desire to simplify matters.

CentERdata is often involved with adaptations need to be made. In the past, we for instance supervised the change-over to lump sum financing. In recent years, we calculated the financing of suitable education for handicapped pupils and the simplification thereof in secondary education. These issues require insight into the (redistributive) effects of adaptions to regulations.

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