Research by CentERdata Consortium informs new EU energy label for tyres

The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission recently reached an agreement on new European tyre labelling. CentERdata and Ipsos Public Affairs conducted a study for the European Commission to research an optimal tyre label design, aimed at enabling consumers to make more informed, environmentally conscious purchase decisions. 

Within the EU, energy labels are used on a variety of products. The labels provide a clear and simple indication of the energy efficiency of products at the point of purchase and aim to motivate consumers to make more sustainable purchase decisions. This also applies to the energy label for tyres, for which a new Regulation was proposed in May 2018 and which proposed a review of the current label.

‘A review of the current energy label also means a new look – this is what we investigated’, says Roxanne van Giesen, researcher at CentERdata.

Online behavioural experiment

'The study required us to design new label variants, which we did with the support of a creative agency (Right Brained). The new designs were tested through an online behavioural experiment among a sample of consumers.

Through a range of questions, we studied the consumers’ understanding of the label overall (shown along actual products) and of specific icons contained within it indicating fuel consumption, noise level and grip on a snowy, wet or icy surface. This also allowed us to verify which of these aspects were most important for consumers when shopping for tyres.

The new label variants were tested in August 2019 among a sample of almost 5 000 consumers in a selection of 6 European Member States, and Ipsos Public Affairs was responsible for the data collection in all countries.’

An example of a label variant tested is shown in Figure 1.

Purchase decisions

A crucial element of the study was to investigate whether consumers understood the new icons presented on the energy label, and how these influenced their behaviour and purchase decisions. The study provided insights on this, which can be used as starting point in the final design of the new labelling for tyres.

For more information, you can read the full research report.  

In addition to the study on the energy label for tyres, CentERdata and Ipsos also conducted studies to research the label for displays (TV and computer), refrigerators, lighting, dishwashers and washing machines.