Renewed LISS Panel Data Archive: treasure trove of research projects

For any social scientist wishing to take his or her research plan to a higher level, the LISS Panel Data Archive is like a candy store. The renewed data storage facility of CentERdata offers free access to 12 years of research, publications, questionnaires, datasets and codebooks.

The LISS Panel Data Archive was established in 2007 and was one of the frontrunners in terms of open access. CentERdata is dedicated to making scientific information available without any impediments. That’s how we contribute to furthering the cause of science.

A new-look website! But what’s different?  

The advantages at a glance:

  • An improved search function takes you faster to the data and meta-data you need.

  • You can fill your own ‘shopping basket’ with variables (as long as the questionnaires were completed by the same respondents).

  • Thanks to a fresh, intuitive and responsive design, the website is clearer and easier to use.

As before, you need to sign in to be able to access the datasets. But what’s new is that you can only sign in to your account with an extra code in addition to your password – the so-called two-factor verification process. This code is sent to your email address (as registered with us) each time you sign in.

Why consult the LISS Panel Data Archive?

It will help you with your own research project to first visit the archive. What research projects have been conducted previously? Which correlations have already been demonstrated? Perhaps you can already test one of two of your hypotheses.

The data archive contains validated, representative studies which can serve as input for your own analyses. A major advantage is that you can link datasets together, and thereby combine different research projects.

These preliminary investigations will improve your own research plan. You can avoid reinventing the wheel; all the knowledge gathered so far is laid out for you. This lets you really focus on moving science forward.

And, last but not least: the LISS panel is a very rich and extensive source of information, based on over 12 years of representative studies fielded among at least 6500 dedicated respondents. The panel’s longitudinal character makes it extremely valuable. Each year we field the core questionnaire on topics including personality, health, leisure time, political preferences, faith, income, etc. Since we have been asking questions for over 10 years, the developments over time are clear to see. For instance, do people become socially more active after they retire?

So don’t miss out on this treasure trove!

Want to get started? Go to the LISS Panel Data Archive.

Share your knowledge with the rest of the research community

Of course you can also submit your own publication to the LISS Panel Data Archive. This is important for the continuity and maintenance of the LISS panel and hence the archive.

It is an international website without boundaries. By making your publication available, you increase the chance of being cited and can increase the impact of your research.

More information

Any questions about how to use the data archive? Then don’t hesitate to contact our colleague Gamze Demirel:

Are you completely new to the LISS panel? We are happy to tell you all about the possibilities.