Estimates and Prognosis models

Some things in life are predictable: stocks run out, people get older, and taxes will be around for quite a while yet. But not everything is easy to predict. For large amounts of data, with partly concealed or complex internal connections, it helps to develop models that can estimate such connections. Our team includes a number of (econometric) specialists who relish the challenge of getting as much as possible from the data, without losing sight of applicability. By extrapolating from the past, we can then use a model to arrive at prognoses to support the policy making process.

If we do not have the required information, then we see whether we can collect it. We can do so for instance based on CBS data, or through a survey or by using administrative databases. The ability to clarify uncertainties is a further part of our added value. We use statistical data to try to capture the extent of the uncertainties in hard figures, or we work with scenarios.

On request we can build user-friendly programs that enable you to create your own prognoses.