DHS data access

The DNB Household Survey is a unique data set allowing you to study both psychological and economic aspects of financial behaviour. This panel survey was launched in 1993 and comprises information on work, pensions, housing, mortgages, income, possessions, loans, health, economic and psychological concepts, and personal characteristics. We have been collecting these data from 2,000 households participating in the CentERpanel.

More information on the DNB Household Survey can be found at the project page.

The DHS data are freely available for academic research purposes. The DHS codebooks are freely available. You can download the data if you fulfil the conditions.

Please visit the DHS data access website.

Rules and Conditions

The data of the DNB Household Survey are available for scientific use. You can download the data under the following conditions:

  • Under no circumstances is the data to be used for other than purely scientific purposes.
  • Users have to sign a statement confirming that information about individual persons, households, etc. will not be released to others. Data will only be made available after a signed statement has been received through statements.centerdata.nl. A dedicated CentERdata employee decides about granting access rights. If access is granted, one will receive a password that allows data download.
  • Whenever a paper is being written using the data, the author is expected to send a copy to CentERdata by email. In addition, an acknowledgement has to be included in the following form: "In this paper use is made of data of the DNB Household Survey."
  • Data users should not make copies of the data available to others. Anyone wanting to use the data has to individually contact CentERdata directly to request access to the data. We can then keep track of who the users are and inform the users on developments with regard to the data.
  • Users of the data will be included in the DHS user list.
  • Students are also allowed to use the data for scientific purposes. However, the password given will become inactive after a period of two years, but can be renewed if need be.
  • In case of doubt whether or not the data are used for scientific research, the board of CentERdata will decide if a password is granted.