CentERpanel data

The CentERdata database comprises a great many surveys designed and implemented either by us or by our clients. All surveys were conducted by the CentERpanel.

We deliver these data with background information on the respondents. We use standard SSPS labeling procedures and add additional background variables such as sex, age, and income. Moreover, we also supply a codebook containing the survey questions and a concise explanation.

Are you an academic or researcher? Then you have free access to data from our database if you fulfil the conditions.

Would you like to launch a new CentERpanel survey? Please contact Boukje Cuelenaere.

For all questions pertaining to data from the database, please contact: Miquelle Marchand.


Data from our database are only available for academic research purposes and will only be forwarded under the following conditions:

• Users must sign a statement on certifying that information on individuals and households will not be passed on to others and that all data will be treated as confidential. Data will only be forwarded once we have received a signed statement through 

Access the data

The codebooks and descriptives can be downloaded through the DHS data access website.