Data infrastructure and management

In addition to data collection, we also specialize in data dissemination and management, and in the management and maintenance of the associated data infrastructures. It goes without saying that we fully observe all applicable privacy legislation and that we observe the guidelines of the Code for information security (NEN-ISO/IEC 27002).

For data dissemination we are developing the open source tool Questasy, enabling researchers to make questionnaire data available. Users can easily find interesting data, check the context of the questions asked, and combine data from different research projects. This tool has already been used in various projects and organizations domestically and abroad.

Since managing a software package can be a complicated matter, in collaboration with DANS (the national archive for social science data in the Netherlands) we also offer the Survey Data Netherlands service. This service ensures that the data can be disseminated, hence making them reusable. The DANS service also preserves the long-term usability of the data. Data reusability and long-term preservation, as increasingly frequent criteria for research subsidies, can thus be demonstrably fulfilled.

We currently look after the data management of the following projects: SHARE, Profiles (TiU), DNB Household Survey, LISS Panel and CentERpanel. To safeguard the quality of our data management, we have a DSA (Data Seal of Approval) certification. We also work with ZonMW, among others.