Data Analysis and Reporting

Looking up a phone number in a directory that is not alphabetically ordered would border on the impossible. Order and structure are essential to making data accessible. Our goal is to generate new insights and to add new knowledge. Depending on the research question, the desired level of transparency and accessibility of the study, we choose between more and less advanced analyses to achieve that goal. We then present the results and insights in the form of tables, graphs, reports, presentations or with the aid of software.


What one researcher will find handy can be a bother to another. So before we commence a research project, we first fine-tune a number of matters with you:

  • What exactly is your research question?
  • Is it clear in what way your question should be answered, or should we refine your research question?
  • Are the required data available, or should we collect them?
  • In what form should the results be made available?
  • What is the target group of the research project?
  • How actively involved do you wish to be in the research, and in what role?
  • What is the desired planning?
  • Does the project come with any risks attached?

The picture thus formed will then be translated into a proposal. Once you approve the proposal, we shall set up and conduct a research project that minimally achieves the results outlined in the proposal.