Consumer research

How can you optimize energy information about household appliances in an online environment? How can you encourage consumers to choose an efficient payment method? How can you help consumers protect themselves against online banking fraud? What economic emotions do consumers experience during the crisis? Why do consumers choose to download music and films from illegal sources? How much are consumers prepared to pay for sustainable meat?

We are commissioned by public authorities, non-profit organizations and the private sector to conduct scientific research into consumer issues. The research is wide-ranging in terms of topics and methods, and is socially highly relevant.

The main sub-categories are:

  1. Finance and payment behavior
  2. Sustainable behavior and health
  3. Internet and media use
  4. Marketing and consumption
  5. Vulnerability of consumers and “consumer empowerment”


In many of our studies we use experiments in combination with surveys fielded in our panels. The selected methodology is always tailored to the purpose. Our trademark is the project-specific use of the latest methods of data collection and analysis. We carry out research projects from start to finish, from the research question to reporting and everything in between: literature study, methodology, data collection, data analysis, reporting and presentation.


The studies usually result in publicly available research reports. CentERdata moreover publishes in domestic and international academic journals and gives presentations at academic conferences. We also play a role within the education programs offered at Tilburg University.

Clients and collaboration

Recent clients include: the European Commission, Authority for Consumers and Markets, Stichting Belangen EfficiĆ«nt Betalen, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Banking Association, EkoPlaza and Electronic Commerce Platform NL (ECP). We work closely with the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (particularly the departments of Marketing and General  economy). We also work with organizations such as Ecorys, SEO Economic Research, UvA-IViR, GfK Belgium, Overheid in Nederland, etc.

Highlighted projects