Yvonne Bolsius

Yvonne works as a Data Scientist within the Quantitative Analysis department. Together with the Data Science team, Yvonne develops and applies data science techniques and methods to gain new insights and extract (societal) value from large amounts of (complex) data. Besides that, Yvonne also works on consumer research, where the central question is how consumers form attitudes and make decisions.

She graduated Cum Laude for both the Master in Marketing Management as well as for the Master in Marketing Research, which she both followed at Tilburg University. She wrote her first master thesis, with the title ''Advertising Repetition 2.0: How Tag-ons Affect the Attitude Towards the Ad and Recall of the Ad'' for the research agency MetrixLab. With this thesis, she won the Best Thesis Award, a prize for the best master thesis within the (Research) Masters in Marketing. Het second master thesis, with the title “Decomposing Market Share Growth in the FMCG Industry: The Relative Contribution of New Buyers and Repeat Buyers”, was written for the market research company GfK.

After her education, Yvonne worked as a Data Analytics professional at GfK, where she was part of the Advanced Business Solutions team. She was responsible for the more technical, complex and tailor-made analyses like modelling. She used different data sources available within GfK and combined these with data sources of clients or third parties, and was responsible for the entire research project: from gathering the data to making end presentations. Besides doing research, she also educated and trained (new) employees and supervised interns, and worked on standardizing projects and testing new software.


 Data science
 Consumer Research

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