Work method

The CentERdata staff are researchers in heart and soul: curious, dedicated and skilled. We work in project teams of experienced researchers so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to your demand. We can help you to think through your research questions and to determine the best research solution.

In all our research projects we aim to make optimum use of innovative methods. Our econometrists, survey and market researchers, panel experts and ICT specialists all pool their knowledge and skills to carry out your research project in the best possible way. This collaboration ensures that we can offer uniquely customized solutions. That’s how we answer your questions.

Working closely with the faculties of Tilburg University generates an added value in respect of theory building, research methods and the interpretation of results. In addition to performing projects for third parties, CentERdata also runs its own research program, the results of which are published in academic journals. In this way our expertise is and remains up to date.