Seyit Höcük

Seyit is a Data Scientist at CentERdata since March 2018. He is experienced in analyzing data and in applying machine learning techniques.

Seyit graduated in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Groningen (RuG). He has been awarded a PhD in Astrophysics with specific knowledge in hydrodynamic simulations and in the theories of star-forming regions. This includes expertise in radiation physics, thermodynamics, astrochemistry and in particle physics. After a postdoctoral research position as a specialist in the interstellar medium at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, he continued to develop to become a senior scientist in molecular and solid state astrochemistry at the Max Planck Institute (MPE) in Garching / Munich.

In general, Seyit is skilled in scientific programming, statistical analysis, supercomputing and in handling large-scale data. Seyit has scientific publications in theoretical and numerical research in peer-reviewed international journals.

At CentERdata, Seyit is part of the data science team and collaborates with other researchers in the field of applied machine learning, deep learning, XAI, NLP, and in creating new insights and working with complex big data systems.


 Data science
 Data Analysis
 Machine learning
 Deep Learning